Insects & Diseases of Okra Crop: A guide to productive Okra crop, Management of Okra Crop


Qurban Ali
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Sub Campus Burewala/Vehri
M. Farhanullah Khan
Department of Zoology, University of Karachi. Karachi
Ashir Masroor
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Sub Campus Burewala-Vehari
Maheen Khan
Department of Zoology, University of Karachi, Karachi


Insects, Diseases, Okra, Okra Management


Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) is an important vegetable crop. Okra is known as Lady’s finger and is valued for its edible green seed pods. It is cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions of the world for its fibrous fruits or pods. It is among the most heat- and drought-tolerant vegetable species in the world. The green fruits are rich in vitamins A and C and minerals like Ca, Mg, and Fe. It is a multipurpose crop due to its various uses. Okra seeds are also good sources of protein and vegetable oil. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K, with moderate contents of thiamin, folate and magnesium. Best fiber from the stem of the plant has industrial uses such as the reinforcement of polymer composites. Okra crop is grown throughout the year and is susceptible to many fungal pathogens. Fungal diseases are a major constraint. In addition to diseases, the crop is attacked by several insect-pests. The development of pest management systems that are based on judicious application is dire need to cope with biotic stresses. Worldwide considerable research in the area of disease and pest control of okra is quite important to enhance crop productivity.
It is, essential to decode and explore this area so as to establish successful strategies against insect pest and disease issue of okra. This book entitled “Insects & Diseases of Okra Crop” deals with insect and disease of okra as well as their management. Major and minor insect pest of okra have been discussed in detail. Also the diseases of okra with their casual organism have been mentioned with sound description. The elaborative description on the insect pest and disease of okra is itself appealing. This book is an oceanic to gain update in the quest for knowledge on okra disease and insect pest and applications of management strategies in a befitting manner. Insect and disease of okra includes broad contributions from different areas. Specifically, this book provides holistic view of plant-insect and plant-pathogen interaction. The editors have immensely provided a solid foundation of the subject interesting for the researchers involved in the field of agriculture. I hope this book can provide sound basis for understanding the insect pest as well as diseases of okra. The management strategies described in this book would be a good source for protecting the crop from biotic stresses and ultimately significant increase in yield will occur. The authors of this book have sound knowledge and having expertly in their field. It is also evident from contents of this book that they have deep knowledge about the biotic stresses of okra. The author deeply reviewed the biotic aspects related to production of okra. I hope that the book will be helpful for the graduate students, teachers, researchers and industry persons, who are interested in the production of okra. I greatly appreciated the contribution of the authors for not only sharing their knowledge and research but also for venerably integrating their expertise in this field.

Insects & Diseases of Okra Crop: A guide to productive Okra crop, Management of Okra Crop


December 22, 2021

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