The Most Influential Environment & Resources Cases in China


Environment and Resources Division of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China


Environment Cases, Resources Cases, China, Environment, Environmental pollution, Yueyanglou, Biodiversity conservation


This book is a collection of the 10 environment and resources cases published in the UN Environment Programme's environmental law database. These 10 cases are selected amongst the environment and resources guiding cases issued by the Supreme People's Court over the previous years, including criminal, civil, administrative, public interest litigations and actions for ecological damages and involving environmental elements such as air, water, soil, minerals, forestry, fisheries, wildlife, natural reserves, and so on. Sharing guiding cases as such can help set a uniform standard and improved rules for environmental adjudication and strengthen the role of law in behavior guiding and policy formulation.

The Most Influential Environment & Resources Cases in China


December 28, 2021

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