Environment and Resources Adjudication in China (2019)


The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China


People's Court Press, environment resource trials, law, public interest litigation, green development


This book introduces and showcases the work carried out and the results achieved by the People's Courts in environmental resources trials over the year 2019 in four main areas. The first part of this book introduces the people's courts' fair trial of cases in accordance with the law, promoting the improvement of the ecological environment and the efficient use of resources. The second part introduces the strengthening of environmental public interest litigation by the People's Courts to safeguard national interests and social public interests. The third part introduces the People's Courts' implementation of the concept of green development and their service to the overall work of the Party and the State in the new era. The final part introduces the People's Courts' insistence on institutional and institutional innovation to promote the modernisation of the environmental trial system and trial capacity.

Environment and Resources Adjudication in China (2019)


October 28, 2022

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